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Yema cream is a slightly more compact version of vanilla custard cream. It is well suited as a cake filling. Here, the cream is traditionally used on Yema cake.


Yema cream

Yema cream is a slightly more compact version of vanilla custard cream. It is well suited as a cake filling. The consistency makes it very suitable as a decoration. It is mainly used as the name implies in Yema cake. You can use it both as a filling and decoration on other cakes. The cream fits e.g., fine in a chocolate cake. The Yema cream originates from the Philippines, and from the Spanish colonial era. In Spain, in older times, eggshells and egg whites were used in masonry, so a lot of egg yolks were left over. During that colonial period, the Philippines began using egg yolks to make the Yema cream, and this is said to be the starting point for the Yema cake. Yema also means egg yolks in Spanish. Egg yolks give both the nice yellow colour and the rich taste to the cream.



1 can sweetened condensed milk
2.2 dl whole milk
2 tbsp corn-starch
5 egg yolks
10 g vanilla sugar
10 g butter




Put the egg yolks in a thick-bottomed saucepan. Add the sweet condensed milk and corn-starch. Whisk well. Then add in the milk and vanilla sugar. Whisk until you get a smooth lump-free mixture. Bring to a boil over medium heat, whisking well at all times. When it starts to boil and thicken, lower the heat further, and whisk vigorously so that you get an even cream. Let it simmer while constantly whisking for 10 minutes. Pull the pan to the side and stir in the butter. Set cold until you are going to use as a filling for cake.



When the cream is completely cold and you need to spread it on a cake. Use an electric whisk, and whisk until you get a slightly more compliant and spreadable cream. The consistency means that the cream is well suited for using a spray bag when decorating.


Allergy: Gluten free. The cream is not lactose free. You can replace both condensed milk and regular milk with lactose-free milk. Then add in 100 g of sugar, as a substitute for the sweetened condensed milk.

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