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This is a sweet, creamy and strong coffee


Vietnamese egg coffee

Vietnamese egg coffee, or cà phê trứng as it is called in Vietnamese. This is a sweet, creamy and strong coffee. This coffee was invented in the 1940s in Hanoi, where for a period there was a shortage of fresh milk. It is a delicious coffee, which is easy to get hooked on. The combination of sweet condensed milk, egg yolk and strong coffee is lovely. It may sound a little unfamiliar, until you have tried. In addition, this is a very decorative coffee. Vietnamese egg coffee is served so you get two clear layers, before you mix it. It has since become immensely popular in Vietnam, and is served in most cafés. The popularity is starting to spread to other countries, and there is a good reason for just that. Easy to make and relatively quick. How sweet you want it; depends on how much sweet condensed milk you use. Sweet condensed milk is much like liquid sugar. This is a recipe for one person, but you can just multiply it by the number of people you want to serve.



0.4-0.5 dl sweet condensed milk
1 egg yolk
2 shots of espresso coffee or 0.6 dl strong coffee


  1. Pour condensed sweet milk into a small bowl.
  2. Separate egg yolk and egg white. You can save the egg white for other uses.
  3. Put the egg yolk in the condensed milk.
  4. Use a whisk or mixer. Whisk vigorously until everything is well mixed, and you start to get a slightly lighter colour on the egg-milk mixture.
  5. Boil strong coffee, or use 2 shots of espresso coffee in a glass.
  6. Using the back of a tablespoon, carefully pour the egg-milk mixture into the glass via the tablespoon. Then the egg-milk mixture will settle like a lid on the coffee. If you pour too fast, you will lose the decorative effect.


Vietnamese egg coffee served: Serve immediately with a spoon to mix.

Allergy: Gluten free. Lactose in condensed milk. It is not to known to me the possible to buy lactose-free condensed milk. On the other hand, it is easy to make lactose-free condensed milk yourself. See own link below. Low FODMAP.

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