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Sourdough starter

Sourdough starter is natural yeast you make at home. Once you have made a starter you can have it for an eternity, as long as you take care of it. Just be sure to feed it regularly. When you bake, just make sure you have enough, so you always have a portion left. The rest then becomes the base for the next leaven. Of course, you can also share the starter with others. That’s how I got my first starter. Then I just had to feed it and make sure to have more left over after baking. Still, it’s easy to make your own. Be careful about hygiene when making the starter. You should not be necessary to boil the glass you want the starter in, but it must be carefully washed and rinsed from leftover soap. You need a glass with a lid – a Maison jar is perfect.



100 g of wholemeal spelled flour
1 cup raisin water
400 g of fine spelled flour
About. 3.5 dl water



Day 1: Take a handful of raisins and soak them in 2 dl of water. Leave them on the bench for approx. 1 hour. Strain the water into a litre measurement or the like. Have 100-gram wholemeal spelled flour in a glass with a lid. Pour over about 1 dl. raisin water. You should get a texture that is a bit like a thin porridge. Leave the glass on the bench for 24 hours. Put the lid on partially. Do not close it completely, because the starter needs air to get going.

Day 2: Add 100 g of fine spelled flour, and approx. 1 dl cold water in a new clean bowl. Put in the dough from day 1 and stir until you get a smooth porridge-like batter. Cover the bowl and leave it on the bench for another 24 hours.

Day 3: Add new 100 g of fine spelled flour and approx. 1 dl cold water. Stir well and cover again. Leave the starter out for another 24 hours. You will now see that it starts to bubble and within the next 24 hours approx. double in size.

Day 4: Part the starter in two and toss one half. Pour the other part of the mixture into a suitable large glass with a lid. Add 200 g of fine spelled flour and approx. 1.5 dl cold water. Stir well. Leave it out until it has doubled in size. You now have a nice leaven starter.


How to take care of the sourdough starter:

You can now put it in the refrigerator. You must feed it regularly 1-2 times a week. Put in 3-4 tablespoons flour and water until you get a suitable consistency. You can also leave it out in room temperature, then you need to feed it more often, otherwise it will get too sour. If it is in the refrigerator, sett it in room temperature at least 1 hour before baking. The refrigerator is basically too cold for the starter, but then you don’t have to take care of it that much.


Allergy: Gluten. Lactose-free. Low FODMAP

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