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Pina Colada – Served ice cold on a hot summer day, tastes lovely

Pina Colada

Pina Colada is known to many. A classic Caribbean drink with pineapple, coconut and rum. It’s said to originate in Puerto Rico. It is even a drink that has got its own song – The Pina Colada song by Rubert Holms. Served ice cold on a hot summer day, tastes lovely. Still, this is a year-round drink. You can easily make a Virgin Pina Colada i.e. non-alcoholic, and thus you have a drink that suits everyone.


I make the drink in a blender, and in a slightly different way from the traditional one. Originally, freshly squeezed pineapple, or sieved pineapple juice, should be used. Piña means pineapple, and Colada means strained. Since I make it in a blender and use all the pulp, you get a slightly thicker Pina Colada. As well as a drink with more flavour. The recipe provides 2 drinks.



1 small can of canned pineapple (140 g pineapple) or 170-180 g fresh
1 – 1 ½ dl coconut milk or coconut cream
0-4 tablespoons of icing sugar (depending on how sweet you want it)
8 cl rum (good quality and aged)
10-12 ice cubes

0.5 dl water (maybe needed)


  1. Pour the canned pineapple with the juice in the blender. If you use fresh pineapple, which is of course the best, peel the pineapple and cut it into smaller cubes.
  2. Place the ice cubes in a small bag and use a rolling pin or the like. Place the bag on a solid surface, and crush them with the rolling pin until coarse pieces. If you have a very good blender or slush machine you do not need to crush the ice beforehand. It still facilitates the job for the machine and shortens the processing time.
  3. Add the rest of the ingredients, except the water. Blend until you get a drink with the appropriate consistency to drink with a straw. If it gets too thick – put in a little cold water and run the blenders again.
  4. Taste if you think it is appropriately sweet, if not add icing sugar. Basically, pineapple is so sweet that you do not need extra sweetening. There are no rules and everything is acceptable, because it is your own taste that counts. Make it as sweet as you like I.e.


Suggestion: Alternatively, you can sweeten the drink with dissolved sugar mixture as the bartenders do. You then of course have to make it in advance, or you can use light syrup. You can also use sugar, but it often does not dissolve well enough, so you get sugar crunching between your teeth. I don’t like that, but many people think it’s good.


Served: Immediately and embellished with a pineapple slice, a cocktail berry or both

Allergy: Gluten- and lactose free

Information for the special interests:

You can read the alleged origin of Pina Colada at:


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