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Lefse with fillings is a nice small dish

Lefse with fillings

Lefse with filling is a good, Old Norwegian tradition of snacks. This is an old peasant tradition and a type of finger food that came long before tapas. You can use potato griddlecakes, tortillas and the typical Norwegian lefse. I have of course used the latter. These one tastes best, but can be difficult to get hold of outside Norway. Optionally you can bake them yourself.



Lefse – calculate a two cm wide portions and 2 pieces person
1 box of fresh cheese for example: Philadelphia
2-tablespoon butter
1-tablespoon sour cream
1-teaspoon sugar
Smoked salmon
Cured ham
Spring onions / chives


Balsamic vinegar



  1. Start by soaking the Lefse – This only applies to the Vestlandslefse type that I would recommend. If you use tortillas or other readymade types, you can skip this part.
  2. Mix fresh cheese, butter, sugar and sour cream.
  3. Apply a rich layer onto each lefse.
  4. Then put on some smoked salmon and cured ham.
  5. Sprinkle with a little dill and some finely chopped spring onions or chives.
  6. Roll the lefse together, and set cocktail sticks with approximately 2 cm intervals.
  7. Put in refrigerator to keep cool and allowing the flavours to develop. This fare, you can prepare several hours in advance.


Served: When guests come cut equal slices with one cocktail stick on each slices. Server 2 pieces person. Alternatively, you can cut them in an angle and into two pieces. Put them on edge without sticks.

Garnish: With a little chives and balsamic vinegar.


Allergy: Lefse is not gluten-free, but there are gluten-free options made by potato or tortillas made by corn. Lactose intolerants usually tolerated fresh cheeses in small amount. Thou they are not lactose-free. If not tolerated, there are many lactose-free fresh chees options. You also have to switch to lactose-free sour cream. High on FODMAP due to the flour in lefse and the green part of the spring onions. Switch to  a gluten-free option as suggested above, and omitted the green part of the spring onions. Then you reduce FODMAP to a low content.

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