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They are especially good when they are a little warm


French savoury muffins

French savoury muffins are incredibly easy to make. They are filling, and taste wonderful. They are especially good when they are a little warm. These muffins are excellent for lunch, but are just as good for breakfast as for supper. French savoury muffins are typical of French cuisine. They are quick to make and have a lot of flavour. Provence spices give them a classic French taste. If you want, you can of course use other herbs of your liking. Relatively healthy with healthy fat and olives. The recipe gives 14-15 small muffins or 8-10 large muffins. Depending on the shapes you use and how generous you are with the batter. It is approx. 116 kcal pr. pcs if you get 14. in the small muffins, and 2220 kcal per. pcs. in the big ones if you get 10.



4 eggs
80 ml extra virgin olive oil
100 ml of milk
180 g spelled flour
2 teaspoons baking powder
50 g black olives (good quality)
180 g cheese
100 g cooked ham
1 – 1 1/2 teaspoon salt (depending on the salt content of the olives if you use olives in brine)
½ teaspoon pepper
1 teaspoon Provencal spice or other spice you like
Cherry, pearl or other small tomatoes


  1. Mix flour, baking powder and spices together.
  2. Add eggs, olive oil and milk. Mix everything well until you get a smooth batter.
  3. Grate cheese, cut olives and ham into pieces.
  4. Then add this to the batter, and mix well again.
  5. If you make small muffin tins, you have for approx. 1 tablespoon batter in each mould. This gives approx. 14-15 pcs. If you use large moulds, you have for approx. 2 tablespoons stir. This gives approx. 8-10 pcs. Press a small tomato down in the centre of each muffin.


Bake: 170 ° C, in the middle of the oven. Small muffins approx. 25 minutes. Big muffins approx. 30 minutes. Insert a baking stick to see if they are cooked through.


Served: Lukewarm, however, can also be eaten cold. They taste best a little warm. They can be frozen, but then let them thaw slowly. Then you can heat them a little in a microwave.

Allergy: Gluten and lactose. Made easily lactose-free by using lactose-free milk. There is little lactose in these muffins, so will be tolerated by most people anyway. Can be easily made gluten-free by using gluten-free flour. They maybe then become a little loose. Low FODMAP

Read more about Provence spices. This is a mixture of herbs that is typical of the French region of Provence. Provence spices

In this recipe, extra virgin olive oil is used. This oil is known from the Mediterranean diet, and has many healthy properties. Read more about this. Extra virgin olive oil

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