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This is like liquid sugar. It tastes incredibly good.

Condensed milk

Sweet condensed milk is like liquid sugar. It tastes incredibly good, it is super easy to make yourself, and is of course much cheaper to make than ready-made. It has a slight hint of caramel taste, and if you want you can add more flavours such as. a little vanilla sugar. This of course depends on what you intend to use the condensed milk for. The classic recipe consists only of milk and sugar. It will lift the taste with salt, so this is recommended regardless of what you may want to use it for. If you also add a little butter, this gives additional depth to the taste, as well as a slightly shinier consistency. The beauty of making sweet condensed milk yourself is that it does not contain any artificial substances, and it is very easy to make your own lactose-free milk. As far as is known, lactose-free varieties are not available on the market. The recipe gives 2.5-3 dl of finished product.



6 dl whole milk
2 dl sugar
A pinch of salt

1 teaspoon butter (can be omitted)
1 teaspoon vanilla sugar (can be omitted)


  1. Pour milk and sugar in a wide, thick-bottomed saucepan. Set the plate to medium temperature.
  2. Stir evenly and nicely until the sugar has dissolved, and you can barely see the milk start to boil. Reduce the temperature further so that the milk mixture just simmers. Do not stir any more from this time. Just let the milk simmer for an approx. 40 minutes, or until you get a suitably thick consistency. This will vary slightly from time to time.
  3. Use a spoon or similar, and remove impurities on top of the milk a few times during the process.
  4. Then set aside and allow the milk to cool. Add salt.
  5. If you want add both butter and vanilla sugar, then stir everything well. Both give more flavours, but are optional.


Storage and shelf life:

Pour the milk into a suitable glass with a lid like a mason jar or similar. Put cool in the fridge. Condensed milk will then stay up to 2-3 weeks in the refrigerator. It also thickens more when it gets cold.


Chefs’ explanation:

Simmering means you keep the temperature just below boiling point but above 80 ° C. You will see small bubbles just popping up. See separate link with explanation of this technique at the bottom of the page.


Use: Sweet condensed milk is very useful in cakes, cake fillings, ice cream and as a base for dessert sauces and more.


Allergy: Gluten-free. It is not lactose-free, but you can easily make your own lactose-free condensed milk by replacing the milk with a lactose-free variant.

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