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Chocolate cake piece with, among other things, chocolate buttercream


Chocolate buttercream

Chocolate buttercream is a good filling for both chocolate cakes, muffins and other cakes. It is tasty and has a rich chocolate taste. When the cream has been outside at room temperature for a few minutes, you have a creamy and silky soft filling. It tastes absolutely fabulous and is usable. Chocolate buttercream is excellent, among other things, as a filling for cakes that you want to mirror glaze. This is because the cream becomes so firm when it is cooled, that a mirror-glaze will work excellently. This is a cake filling you make very quickly, but is still a very good filling.



200 g butter
2 dl sweet condensed milk
70 g good quality chocolate with at least 50% cocoa content.
1 teaspoon vanilla sugar


  1. Room temperature the butter, add vanilla sugar and whip it creamy.
  2. Now add in the condensed milk. Whisk this in until everything is good and mixed.
  3. Then melt the chocolate in a water bath where you either have a metal or glass bowl over a pot with a little water in. Make sure that the bowl does not come into contact with the water and that you do not get water in the chocolate. You can also melt the chocolate in a microwave, but this gives less control. If you heat the chocolate too much, it will become lumpy.
  4. Then mix the melted chocolate into that butter mixture.


Used: For muffins, chocolate cakes, muffin frosting or other cakes you want a chocolate buttercream.


Allergy: Gluten free. Lactose. There will be some lactose in condensed milk. It is not known that there is store-bought lactose-free sweet condensed milk.

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