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It is inspired by the Ottoman period, where much of the food is baked or wrapped insid


Börek (EN)

Börek or burek is a dish you often get served in many forms and varieties in Turkey, the Balkans and the Middle East. It is inspired by the Ottoman period, where much of the food is baked or wrapped inside. This is a relatively easy dish to make, if you have bought pre-made phyllo dough. I have simplified it a lot by making it in an oven-proof mould. This makes for a super easy dinner – that’s both tasty and can be served to guests. It all depends on what you want to fill börek with. It is quite common to have completely vegetarian varieties, but you can really fill them with your own preference, or what’s available. In this recipe I use minced meat and cheese as the main filling. This recipe gives dinner for approx. 3-4 people. You have enough phyllo dough to make it bigger if desired.



500 g phyllo dough



200 g minced meat
½ small onion
3 tablespoons finely chopped mushrooms
½ dl water
1 tbsp ketchup
1 teaspoon dried oregano
1 teaspoon grounded chili spice
1 teaspoon paprika spice
250 g mixed grated cheese (I used 100 g feta cheese, and as with any salt chess, you can omit salt entirely)
150 g melted butter
½ teaspoons salt (if you do not use a salty cheese such as feta cheese or similar)



Poppy seeds
Sesame seeds



Börek directions
  1. Start by finely chopping the onion and mushrooms. Fry the onion until the onion get translucent, and the mushrooms for about 3-4 min. Set aside.
  2. Then fry the minced meat, use a fork or similar, so that you get a fine-grained minced meat. Put the onion and mushrooms back in the frying pan.
  3. Add all the spice, ketchup and water. Mix well, and let everything simmer until all the water has evaporated. Set aside and let the minced meat cool completely. You can also put the meat in a bowl in the fridge for a while, to speed up the cooling process.
  4. Melt the butter.
  5. Use 4 phyllo dough sheets (a total of 4 x 4). Brush them with butter and place them in a suitable oven-proof mould. Make sure that you get phyllo dough up over the edges of the mould. Add half of the cheese. Repeat the process with 4 phyllo dough sheets, and place it over the cheese. The second layer: fill with the minced meat. Repeat the process with phyllo dough and brushing with butter. Add the last layer of cheese. Repeat the process with phyllo dough for the last time. Brush well with butter, and any remnants of butter you can pour over.
  6. Sprinkle with some poppy and sesame seeds.


Bake: In the middle of the oven at 200 ° C for approx. 20-25 min. Until golden brown.


Börek served: Warm, with a good salad.

Allergy: Gluten. Manly lactose-free. Those who are extremely lactose intolerant should use lactose-free butter. High FODMAP. There is wheat flour in phyllo dough, so it is not possible to make börek with low FODMAP, without making phyllo dough yourself. You can reduce FODMAP by removing mushrooms and onions.

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